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November 17 2015


Where You Can Find Top Quality UKAS Accredited Sound Insulation Testing in UK?

The NOVA Acoustics might just be exactly the company you were in search of if you are looking for the best quality service provider for sound insulation testing that is UKAS accredited as well. As per the part E of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, the new-build dwellings and conversions creating two adjoining dwellings with either separating wall or floor require to have sound testing done.

Exactly what is tested?

The sum of separating floors and walls which might be tested within your development depends on the quantity & variety of dwellings, in addition to the method of construction of each partition. 1 standard set of sound tests comprises of if the method of construction of each separating partition is similar and there is under 10 dwellings:

2 Airborne Wall Tests
2 Airborne Floor Tests
2 Impact Floor Tests

The amount of testing is reduced or increased depending on the type and quantity of dwellings. For example, a development of 4 identical terraced houses will require 1 set of sound tests comprising of 2 Airborne Wall tests. Understand more about Sound testing

Is your development ready to be tested?

The following criteria should be followed to provide you with the best chance of passing the sound test:

•    Windows & external doors must be installed, glazed and closed
•    Ventilation systems should be installed and closed
•    Internal doors should be hung
•    Walls, floors and ceilings must be completed
•    To test Impact sound transmission, there must be no cosmetic floorings fitted
•    Rooms in which testing is to be carried out should be empty and tidy
•    No trades should be working in the dwelling during the test
•    Access to the properties on both sides of the separating partition is required
•    240v (50Hz) mains power is required within the dwellings etc.

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